Dean writes about the future of the decentralized web, addiction, and the American Dream

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Dean grew up in Sunnyvale, CA right as software began “eating the world." By 2005, the CD manufacturer his Dad worked for became an hors d'oeuvre. His family moved to a hippie compound in rural Washington state with goats and bees and a garden that would make Alice Waters drool. His mom homeschooled him for nine years before he headed off to high school with alfalfa still stuck in his hair.

In 2014, he brushed off the alfalfa, donned a Patagonia, and headed to Stanford where he majored in Economics (i.e., the easiest major that still commands respect) and captained the Rugby team. At Stanford, he met David Mazeries—co-founder of the Stellar blockchain—in late 2015 and realized blockchain technology was his generation's dot-com. After working as an analyst at Future\Perfect Ventures, an early-stage VC investing in blockchain, he became a relative expert in the dark art of ICO (Initial Coin Offering) investing. When the market took off in the spring of 2017, he dropped out of school and started his own investment fund called G2H2 Capital. While running G2H2 he was a regular speaker on the cryptocurrency conference circuit and rejoined Future\Perfect Ventures as a venture partner.

He was an early employee at ConsenSys, a prominent blockchain company founded by Ethereum co-founder Joseph Lubin. At ConsenSys, he was a founding member at several companies including Liquality and did early research on blockchain reputation protocols.

He returned to Stanford and completed his degree in early 2020. In 2020 he worked as a growth lead at IoTeX. He recently launched a TikTok channel now with 100,000 followers educating viewers on the basics of blockchain and cryptocurrency.

Dean is represented by the literary agency Moveable Type Management.

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Contact me if you have a project or concept you want me to promote. Please note that I am very open-minded, and will work with any project or company that is unique and helping the world in a material way.

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